At Your Service

Our job is Simply, to Serve you.

Let us handle the intricacies of your event while you focus on relaxing and enjoying your guests. Simply Serving offers top-notch event staff, ensuring quality, reliability, and expertise for any occasion. Whether it’s a grand event, corporate gathering, or intimate dinner, we provide the support you need for a stress-free and successful experience.

What if you could actually enjoy your own event?

A Reason To Celebrate

From the initial planning stages to the actual function, there’s a lot to keep straight. You want everything to go smoothly. To look great. For your guests to have a good experience. Often, you spend so much time and mental energy managing those things, you can’t even enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to put together.

Who We’ve Served

Ethan Allen Hotel
Whole Foods
The Pantry
Forks and Fingers
Luna & Charlie
Near and Far Aid
Greenwich Wine+Food
Marcia Selden Catering
The Hole in the Wall Gaem Camp

What’s Been Said

We can’t tell you enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with you and your FABULOUS team at our magazine launch party.Your staff was AMAZING!!..SO personable, professional, organized and efficient. They all were so pleasant and easy to work with. 

L. Finelli/C. Coursen

Moffly Publications Westport, CT

Thank you very much for your help with the celebration of my twenty years representing Connecticut’s Third Congressional District. The evening was a tremendous success only because of your hard work, and that of your staff.  You always come through for me.  You always add a touch of class and professionalism to my events.  I could not do it without you.

Rosa DeLauro

Representative, United States Congress

It was a pleasure to work with all of you last night at our preview party. Your staff was incredibly helpful, professional & delightful – among the best I’ve seen in all my years of catering!  We will definitely call you as upcoming events/grand openings arise! 

Ellie Spray

Marketing Team Leader, Whole Foods